Heaven’s Artist

This is just a little something I wrote about a week ago.  Hope it blesses.

Heaven’s Artist

The Lord was strolling upon the earth

when He did find one day,

A torn up old canvas, broken and bent,

a beat up old cast-away.

The canvas was dirty and filthy and stained;

When He found her she was lying in mud.

But He said, “This has value. I’ll make her Mine.

She’ll be beautiful when washed in My blood.”

So He took her and washed her and said, “You are mine.”

and “Behold, I make all things new.

You are now a new creation,

and I have much to give you.”

“I’ll give you all new colors

from the rainbow around My throne.

They are gloriously beautiful,

because they are My own.”

He took His brush up in His hand,

and painted so masterfully,

All of these colors upon her heart

as He sang to her joyfully:

“First, I’ll paint you with My joy

which flows from My salvation.

I only ask that you will speak it

unto all the other nations.

“I’ll paint you with My perfect peace

as only I can give,

To show them there remains a rest,

a quiet way to live.

“I’ll paint you with My patience,

that you may suffer long;

But let her have her perfect work

so you will endure when wronged.

“Now I’ll paint you with My kindness,

a color that’s so rare.

It lifts the saddened spirit of strangers;

it shows them that I care.

“I’ll paint you with My goodness

out from My very own heart.

Invite them all to ‘taste and see’

that they may have a part.

“I’ll paint you with My faithfulness,

well tried and true, they’ll see.

They’ll know by what they see in you

that they can trust in Me.

“I’ll paint you with My gentleness.

I’ll brush your heart so soft.

When they see you, they’ll think of Me,

for I think of them so oft.

“I’ll paint you with My self-control

so when you have then preached,

You’ll not be disqualified,

and leave one soul unreached.

“And now I’ll give you one more color,

I saved the best for last.

“I’ll paint you with My deepest love,

that transcends future, present, past.

“It is the brightest of all the colors

and there is no truer tone,

To best express that shining beauty

that’s found in Christ alone.

The canvas took one look and said,

“He’s done! Now all look at me!

Look at what a work I am,

I’m worth coming to see!”

The Lord said, “My little masterpiece,

I’m not done yet, you see.

For it’s become quite evident,

you need framed with humility.

“I’ll place around you a humble frame,

so your canvas covered will be,

And it will accent all these colors,

so all will point to Me.”

The canvas bowed upon her easel,

“Now where shall I hang for You?

Up upon the walls of heaven,

or in Your throne room too?”

The Lord said, “No, abide in Me

on earth, I’ll abide in you.

And you will show My glory there,

for there is much to do.”

“I’ll place you in homes and churches,

prisons and hospitals new;

Orphanages and offices,

and even the jungles too.

“I’ll hang you in the darkest place

so you can bring My light,

And inspire men to sing to Me

in the coldest part of night.

“Stay true to Me and you will see

that when your work is done,

You’ll trade your scarred and battered frame

for one that shines like the Son.

“I’ve made a place for you, dear one,

to hang in My Great Hall,

So with My Son, you too,will shine,

I AM your Artist, your All in All!”

by Miranda Fann


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