Seek His Beautiful Face!

People, seek God.  Seek Him with abandon.  Let nothing stand between you and Him.  Ever.  You won’t regret anything that you have to set aside for the sake of seeking His face, I promise.  If there isn’t anything else He has taught me this year (which actually there’s been a lot), He has taught me to seek His face.  He taught me to seek His face, His heart, and not just His hand.  But as with anything pertaining to our relationship with God, it must be done in faith.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

I know people personally (and I admit, I used to be one of these) who don’t really seek God much, if at all for various reasons such as, “it’s boring” or “it doesn’t seem to do any good” (this spoken after maybe 5 minutes of “seeking”), or “He just doesn’t seem to be there”… you get the picture.

Hebrews 11:6 holds the answer for many who have a hard time seeking or have given up altogether.  First, it says anyone who comes to God must first believe that He IS.  Is what?  Believe that He is GOD and that He is really there, for one thing.   How many times does He say in the scriptures that He is ever with us?  A lot.  I haven’t personally counted, but even if He said it only once, it wouldn’t change a thing.  If you have truly trusted Jesus as your Savior, He is with you.   If you do not believe this promise from Him, then you will never really KNOW His presence.   When you believe in the promise of His presence, it transcends all feeling and becomes a knowing.  Seek His face, reaching your hand out fully believing He’s there to be found.  You will find Him.

What else?  Believing that He is worth seeking!  It says that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.  Do you really believe this?  How much time and effort do you spend on seeking after things day after day that will make you feel good or satisfy you in some way?  Have those things ever really satisfied you?  I don’t mean  temporary thrills or fun, I mean has it satisfied the longings in the very core of your being?  Everyone has this longing.  We were created with it.  Seek His face diligently and persistently, believing He is there, and believing that He will reward you by satisfying that emptiness that you may have within you.   When you find Him, be prepared to completely satisfied and absolutely amazed and awestruck at what you find.   You will find that He is not what you had expected, but far far beyond what you had imagined.  And so much better.  Skip Moen describes Him beautifully:

God does not come to us in nicely defined, rationally explained,
thought categories. God does not fit Himself into our theological text
books. The Hebrew God breaks all the rules. He is near, yet
transcendent; clothed in human form, yet holy; more terrifying than can
be imagined, yet compassionate; invisible, yet revealed; judging, …yet
merciful, sovereign, yet humble. God breaks
the molds.” ~ Skip Moen

Start seeking His face in prayer and in His Word, making sure that there is no unconfessed, unrepented of sin between you and Him.   Seek Him diligently, believing that He is all those things, and I promise you will not be disappointed! It will change your life.
If you have not yet accepted Jesus Christ into your life as your Lord and your Savior, then please refer to my page marked “Plan of Salvation” here on my blog.  Receive Him and He will open up the door to a whole new amazing life.
Love and many blessings to you all  🙂


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